Norton 360 Antivirus

A Complete PC System Protection Program

  • Malware Scanner


  • Internet Security


  • Email Scanner


  • On-demand Scanner


  • Firewall Controls


  • Parental Controls


  • Virus Database


  • Version


  • Type

    Business, Personal, Professional

  • Publisher


  • OS Compatibility

    Windows 7/ 8/ Vista/ XP

  • File Size

    142.57 MB

  • Price

    FREE 30-day trial

Norton 360 Antivirus is a comprehensive PC protection program. It will keep you safe while you email, browse online, shop, bank, and socialize. You can even rest easy that your kids are not in dangerous territory with Norton 360’s strong parental controls.

Norton 360 Antivirus is the top-tier antivirus software offering from Symantec. Norton 360 offers 5 patented layers of protection, and gives you 24/7 threat monitoring that gathers data from a global protection network. That means Norton 360 watches over your PC and downloaded files for malware and suspicious behavior, and quarantines any malicious threats before they can harm your system!

Feel like you might already have damage to your system? Norton 360 also provides a “deep clean” for your PC with its threat removal layer. Do a partial or full scan of your system, and find and eradicate those dangerous and unnecessary files bloating and harming your PC.

What really sets Norton 360 Antivirus apart from its competitors is the level of protection it provides while you are online. From social media to online shopping to even emailing your friends and family, you are leaving your system vulnerable to malicious threats. Norton 360 Antivirus keeps your online identity safe, making sure you stay away from “phishing” scams, dangerous links, and other fake websites.

Norton 360 Antivirus also 2GB of secured online storage, and cloud access to antivirus software updates and threat monitoring. With Norton 360 Antivirus, you can always feel safe knowing that your PC system is secure 24/7.

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