Avira Free Antivirus 2013

Basic Protection Doesn’t Get Any Easier

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Avira Free Antivirus 2013 is the same old workhorse, with added features that expands its security features to cover social networking, tracker blocker, and Website verification.

Long-time Avira Free Antivirus users will also be happy that the daily upgrade pop-up will go away permanently if you install the Avira toolbar offered by Ask.com. The only catch? The toolbar will redirect your default search engine to Ask.com.

The Avira toolbar does offer security extras like Do Not Track Plus tracking, ad blocker, or SocialShield—all products from Abine, a company Avira has partnered with. These products are not available on the non-toolbar free version of Avira Free Antivirus.

The WebGuard feature is also available if you download the Avira toolbar. WebGuard takes a more aggressive approach to detecting sites that could be hosting malware before they load in your computer.

Aside from the toolbar addition, Avira’s core security features remain intact, but with improvements. The virus definition file and protection engine now checks for updates every six hours instead of just once a day.

Avira Free Antivirus also features a generic threat removal engine, but like many other security suites, it is much better at preventing threats from infecting you, rather than removing ones you’ve already got.

Overall Avira Free Antivirus is a solid antivirus software product that will keep you safe online—but adding the toolbar could keep you even safer.

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