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What is ClamAV?

ClamAV is open source antivirus software that detects viruses, Trojans, malware and other malicious threats. ClamAV is a cross-platform tool kit designed especially for e-mail scanning on mail gateways. Download ClamAV FREE today!

Antivirus Features:

  • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, OpenVMS compatible
  • Utilities include command-line scanner and flexible multi-threaded daemon
  • Milter interface for sendmail and on-demand scanning
  • Advanced database supports scripted updates and digital signatures
  • Antivirus database updated multiple times daily!

Supported Formats:

ClamAV has built-in supports for the following formats: Document Formats: MS Office, MacOffice, HTML, RTF, PDF Archive Formats: Zip, RAR, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, OLE2, Cabinet, CHM, BinHex, SIS and more. Executable Formats: ELF executables and Portable Executable files compressed with UPX, FSG, Petite, NsPack, wwpack32, MEW, Upack, SUE, Yoda Cryptor and more.

About ClamAV

ClamAV is open source software and is made freely available for personal use. Source code and license information for ClamAV can be found at the

ClamAV Screenshots

ClamAV Screenshot 1

ClamAV screenshot 1

ClamAV Screenshot 2

ClamAV screenshot 2

ClamAV Screenshot 3

ClamAV screenshot 3

You can uninstall ClamAV at any time by going to the add/remove programs section of your computer. ClamAV is an open source product developed by Sourcefire, Inc. licensed under GNU GPL. Source code for ClamAV can be found here.

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